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How can Funny Poetry Change your Lives?

poetryFunny poetry works like a magic wand. It can change our lives in various ways. Kids love to read and listen to poems. They enjoy giggling and laughing when you read a funny poetry. If the poems make them laugh and entertain their funny bones, kids tend to read more poems rendered by the same author. They would start to read more humorous poems than serious ones. This reading habit would not only entertain and make them laugh but also help them in succeeding school life. It is all because of the magic of funny poetry.

Shel Silverstein is a famous poet who has written and sold millions of books. It is simple to get his poetry books. You can easily get in all bookstores, homes, schools and libraries. It is also available in airport bookstores.

life-dreamIf you are thinking how his poetry books have become famous over local authors, you need to know his way of using language and tone in his poem. His tone is unusual with black and white sketches. He is a popular kid advocate. He encourages and empowers kids more than adults. Most kids know this secret and has become a fan of his poems. If you are a kid and have a feeling that none understands you better, you need to read few pages of Shel’s poem book. You will feel excited to read and tend to read more and more.

A funny poetry is almost like an excellent entertainment movie. It takes you to a new imaginary world. You will escape out of the present world and enjoy creating your world.

All types of whimsical poetry are simple to memorize and share. It can be applied whenever a life situations call for some cheerfulness. The poetry’s charming nature will teach kids about alliteration, cadence, rhyme, power of repetition and rhythm. Moreover, these characteristics remain simple for kids to memorize. They will find easy to memorize poetry over prose. Mother Goose is a famous poetry. It is simple to memorize. It is still famous among next generation.

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