Proven Exercises That Will Improve Your Singing Voice

Proven Exercises That Will Improve Your Singing VoiceEven the best musicians keep fit in order to maintain that great physical shape. But can exercise improve your singing voice in the long run? If you are already taking music as a profession, you probably know that in order to be the best, you need to practice in order to constantly improve your voice. Supplementing this with some great excises will help you stand out in the music industry.

Exercising is a professional necessity as it will improve your singing voice; increasing breath stamina and cardiovascular strength. After singing along to a CD, for example, you will probably notice that you missed some lines, because you could not keep up with the singer. This is mostly because, you could not take the required pauses to catch your breath, hence match the singer’s pitch.

In addition, your body is an instrument by itself. Engaging in a sport or good workout can toughen your muscle tone. You will notice that your voice will be higher, clearer and come out naturally, with less strain. Emotion and energy will also be incorporated into the voice, ensuring that you are ready to faces the pressures that come with a musician’s tight schedule.

Choosing a workout or purchasing a Smith machine home gym that will keep you breathing heavily and hard will aid in pumping blood into the different body organs in the long run. You will be able to practice on how to hold your breath in your body, without necessarily growing uncomfortable. Through this, you will be working your ribs, lungs and abdominal muscles making them stronger, hence hold more air when performing on the stage.

You have to consider the climate and geography also for your exercises. Working out in cold or hot climates are not good for the body. This is because, humid air will clog the lungs and throat. Hot air, common in desert climates will dehydrate your voice hence making you come up with a hoarse voice. If you live in busy urban areas, it is vital to wait until when pollution is lowest in the day; in the morning or in the cool sundown.

Recommended Sports

1. Swimming

This sport in known to tighten the stomach muscles while expanding the back. In addition, it will strengthen the rib cage, stretching the throat and also increase one’s breathing capacity. A 30-minute swimming exercise will help you keep your nerves calm and kick your endorphins into place.

2. Martial Arts

If you are to increase your stage awareness, you need to engage in martial arts. In addition, karate, tai chi, aikido or taekwondo will help you develop some power confidence, breath control, posture and alignment.

3. Solo and Team Sports

Basketball, running, jogging, cycling or skating will help you strengthen vital muscles such as the shoulder blades and rib cage.

In conclusion, it is vital to keep off from weight lifting as it decreases resonance. Cheerleading will force the cheer voice from your throat and as a result, you will have a poor singing tone hence shorten your career. Competitive marathon running is also not good as it will cause hoarseness, dehydration and also cause decreased muscle strength hence a low body weight.

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