Need to Jumpstart your Writing Muse?

Need to Jumpstart your Writing MuseAs a writer, there are few thing that can be as frustrating as writers block. Those moments where the words just fail to flow can leave you not just drinking too much coffee in a futile attempt to wake up your inner muse, but it can also leave you second guessing your work in progress and why you ever thought you could be a writer in the first place. In those moments, one of the most effective things you can do is to pack up your laptop and make your way outside and to the nearest garden.

Thanks to the wide variety of plants and gardening styles, a carefully planned and cared for garden can be just the thing to jump start your creativity and make great strides in your writing. Hiding away in a shady spot amidst sun dappled blossoms, their heady scent wafting on the breeze, you can easily feel yourself slipping away to another world where the stress of every day life -and that Gods awful writers block- cease to exist. Certain types of gardens can even foster inspiration for specific genres or foci more efficaciously. Tucking yourself into a garden filled with wildflowers and broad canopied maples may be the perfect place to find the words you need to finish that fantasy novel, while a traditional English flower garden may be just the thing to help you slip into the right frame of mind for that Victorian romance piece. Gardens with prominent water features can enable you to shrug off your worries as you lose yourself in the sound of bubbling water, a gentle white noise that can be the perfect backdrop for finishing that blog post or tech article.

Sometimes, just shaking up your routine and changing your work environment can help you to shift your mind frame. That can make it easier to get your writing back on track. And if you are going to try a new writing space, then what better place than a well thought out garden. With the sun licking at your skin and your toes nestling into the grass, you may very soon find your fingers flying across the keyboard and your writing finished in no time.

If you don’t have the time to revamp your garden to look like it’s Jane Austen inspired, simply tidying it up and mowing it with a zero turn mower will do the trick. What is the best zero turn mower? Do your research online! There are dozens of articles that can help you decide with one best fits your needs and your budget!

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