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How can Funny Poetry Change your Lives?

poetryFunny poetry works like a magic wand. It can change our lives in various ways. Kids love to read and listen to poems. They enjoy giggling and laughing when you read a funny poetry. If the poems make them laugh and entertain their funny bones, kids tend to read more poems rendered by the same author. They would start to read more humorous poems than serious ones. This reading habit would not only entertain and make them laugh but also help them in succeeding school life. It is all because of the magic of funny poetry.

Shel Silverstein is a famous poet who has written and sold millions of books. It is simple to get his poetry books. You can easily get in all bookstores, homes, schools and libraries. It is also available in airport bookstores.

life-dreamIf you are thinking how his poetry books have become famous over local authors, you need to know his way of using language and tone in his poem. His tone is unusual with black and white sketches. He is a popular kid advocate. He encourages and empowers kids more than adults. Most kids know this secret and has become a fan of his poems. If you are a kid and have a feeling that none understands you better, you need to read few pages of Shel’s poem book. You will feel excited to read and tend to read more and more.

A funny poetry is almost like an excellent entertainment movie. It takes you to a new imaginary world. You will escape out of the present world and enjoy creating your world.

All types of whimsical poetry are simple to memorize and share. It can be applied whenever a life situations call for some cheerfulness. The poetry’s charming nature will teach kids about alliteration, cadence, rhyme, power of repetition and rhythm. Moreover, these characteristics remain simple for kids to memorize. They will find easy to memorize poetry over prose. Mother Goose is a famous poetry. It is simple to memorize. It is still famous among next generation.

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Poetry Writing: Inspiration and Tips

151207_poet-rectangleIf you are looking for new methods to indulge in poetry writing, you have to read this blog. Inspiration and ideas can be seen when you put some effort. Before writing a poem, you have to select a theme or idea for the poem. You can choose any subject. It can be a thing, place or a person. It can also be something like abstract situation or topic. In simple words, the poem’s subject can be anything. A poem becomes successful once you when you talk or describe a subject.

Some people will find hard to choose a topic. You can open a book that is close to you, turn one or two random pages and close your eyes. You will get a subject or topic in your mind. You can start to write a poem about any image or person that you see in front of you. Several poets explore their creativity by turning their photo album, visiting a friend, watching the weather or while going on a long trip. The possibilities are infinite. It is necessary to write high-quality poem. You can choose any topic as per your preference or convenience.

free-creative-writing-exercises-wantedDo not feel scared if other poets have written on the same topic. You can still explore and write in your style. The perception of the same subject differs from person to person. After finalizing the subject, you should know what you are trying to tell through your poem. You can either create feeling or mood, talk about a subject, tell a story or paint memorable images.

You have to make the readers agree with your perception or point or view. It is best to entertain readers with music, rhyme, rhythm or wordplay. These are some valid reasons to create a poem.

If you are ready with concept and theme, you can begin immediately. You can write as free verse or follow a specific form. You can do both when you devote enough attention and time to them. One of the most important elements while writing poem is the word choice. Poems are concise and crisp. It will be short than stories.

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Best Poetry Writing Exercises

writing-prompts-for-kidsWhen you concentrate and write on a particular topic or subject, you can easily create a poem. Try to concentrate for at least five minutes and write whatever you feel or think. Do not worry about rhyming or scanning. Just write down random phrases and words and see what you have created at the end. There are chances to work with one or two lines at the end.

Think of a theme or subject. It can be about weather, dog, little brother or rat that irritated you. When you choose a subject, you can easily put in words and create a beautiful poem. No problem if the theme is already selected or written by others. You can choose your writing style to derive a poem. If you cannot think of experiences you have come across in life, you can buy a magazine or newspaper. You can get excellent and interesting real life stories. When you read a woman’s magazine, the agony column remains as a best source for inspiration.

Most poems are written after a changed state of consciousness. It is best to go for walk, do repetitive exercise or go for a long run. It makes your mind free and you can add new life to your words. If you do not prefer exercising, you can do household tasks like ironing. Many several poems are born while ironing the shirts.

Sound, sight, touch and taste helps to create sensual word pictures. It helps to give life to your poem. You can spend five to ten minutes describing about the place or object using your senses.

Make a list with three important elements. It includes concrete nouns, abstract nouns and adjectives. When you fill page with these elements in right balance, you can construct a metaphor. At the start, it may look like rubbish. As you keep writing again and again, you will find some natural essence in your poem.