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Use These 5 Tricks to Keep Your Singing Voice in Tune

Use These 5 Tricks to Keep Your Singing Voice in TuneCan’t sing to save your life? Worry not. You are not alone! And the challenge to stay in tune while singing is a good goal to pursue for both entertainment and professional reasons. If you are really more serious about your quest to keep your singing voice in tune, here are 5 useful tricks that you can try anywhere and anytime.

1. Rehearse religiously and specifically.

Practice makes perfect. This factor is what separates the really good and competent ones from the normal ones. Dedicated singers sing morning, noon, and night, no matter what the weather or occasion. Their exemplary discipline allows them to do great things with their voice and turn it from a mere body part into a musical channel of artistic expression. If you are planning to sing in tune for a particular song, it will help to expose and condition yourself to learn this song habitually.

2. Take voice lessons.

You can only do so much for yourself. Taking voice lessons means you humbly submit yourself to a regular evaluation of your voice quality with the ears of a licensed or professional musical expert. Voice lessons will teach you things like posture, emotional expressions (without going overboard and missing the notes), note reading, breathing techniques, and daily drills that you can do even during your own free time.

3. Get feedback from tools, experts, and amateur music listeners.

For starters, you can use a simple pitch fork to ensure that you are in the right tune or key. Experts from voice lessons or judges from a singing competition can provide you with tough love lessons on how to improve your singing voice. Amateur music listeners may not have the technical knowledge on what works, but your friends can honestly tell you if your voice still needs a lot of work.

4. Take advantage of technology for better feedback.

There are so many things that you can enjoy that can help you sing in tune. One such example is the free Canta software or app that will provide a comparison between the notes you are trying to hit in a song and the actual notes your voice is hitting when you sing. Apart from this, you can use music apps to improve your musical ear. Listen to various kinds of music on Spotify, Youtube, and other playlists.

5. Mind the little things.

Eat properly and avoid too much red meat, cold drinks, and sweets. Manage your stage fright. Hydrate continuously before, during, and after a performance. Of course, make sure that you drink clean water. Many have attested that soft water is good for singers so it might be worth your while to invest in one. Take a look at the top 10 water softeners in the market and decide which one fits your needs and budget.These are little things but they collectively aid you in the big goal of keeping your voice in tune. Poor eating habits, for example, can eventually lead to a build up of nodules in your vocal cords that will disable your ability to sing significantly.

Staying in tune while you sing is a skill that can be honed through consistent practice and determination to use different techniques to your advantage. You may not necessarily end up becoming a belter of tunes, but you can at least aim to decently sing a song or two when the situation requires.

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Need to Jumpstart your Writing Muse?

Need to Jumpstart your Writing MuseAs a writer, there are few thing that can be as frustrating as writers block. Those moments where the words just fail to flow can leave you not just drinking too much coffee in a futile attempt to wake up your inner muse, but it can also leave you second guessing your work in progress and why you ever thought you could be a writer in the first place. In those moments, one of the most effective things you can do is to pack up your laptop and make your way outside and to the nearest garden.

Thanks to the wide variety of plants and gardening styles, a carefully planned and cared for garden can be just the thing to jump start your creativity and make great strides in your writing. Hiding away in a shady spot amidst sun dappled blossoms, their heady scent wafting on the breeze, you can easily feel yourself slipping away to another world where the stress of every day life -and that Gods awful writers block- cease to exist. Certain types of gardens can even foster inspiration for specific genres or foci more efficaciously. Tucking yourself into a garden filled with wildflowers and broad canopied maples may be the perfect place to find the words you need to finish that fantasy novel, while a traditional English flower garden may be just the thing to help you slip into the right frame of mind for that Victorian romance piece. Gardens with prominent water features can enable you to shrug off your worries as you lose yourself in the sound of bubbling water, a gentle white noise that can be the perfect backdrop for finishing that blog post or tech article.

Sometimes, just shaking up your routine and changing your work environment can help you to shift your mind frame. That can make it easier to get your writing back on track. And if you are going to try a new writing space, then what better place than a well thought out garden. With the sun licking at your skin and your toes nestling into the grass, you may very soon find your fingers flying across the keyboard and your writing finished in no time.

If you don’t have the time to revamp your garden to look like it’s Jane Austen inspired, simply tidying it up and mowing it with a zero turn mower will do the trick. What is the best zero turn mower? Do your research online! There are dozens of articles that can help you decide with one best fits your needs and your budget!

Proven Exercises That Will Improve Your Singing Voice

Proven Exercises That Will Improve Your Singing VoiceEven the best musicians keep fit in order to maintain that great physical shape. But can exercise improve your singing voice in the long run? If you are already taking music as a profession, you probably know that in order to be the best, you need to practice in order to constantly improve your voice. Supplementing this with some great excises will help you stand out in the music industry.

Exercising is a professional necessity as it will improve your singing voice; increasing breath stamina and cardiovascular strength. After singing along to a CD, for example, you will probably notice that you missed some lines, because you could not keep up with the singer. This is mostly because, you could not take the required pauses to catch your breath, hence match the singer’s pitch.

In addition, your body is an instrument by itself. Engaging in a sport or good workout can toughen your muscle tone. You will notice that your voice will be higher, clearer and come out naturally, with less strain. Emotion and energy will also be incorporated into the voice, ensuring that you are ready to faces the pressures that come with a musician’s tight schedule.

Choosing a workout or purchasing a Smith machine home gym that will keep you breathing heavily and hard will aid in pumping blood into the different body organs in the long run. You will be able to practice on how to hold your breath in your body, without necessarily growing uncomfortable. Through this, you will be working your ribs, lungs and abdominal muscles making them stronger, hence hold more air when performing on the stage.

You have to consider the climate and geography also for your exercises. Working out in cold or hot climates are not good for the body. This is because, humid air will clog the lungs and throat. Hot air, common in desert climates will dehydrate your voice hence making you come up with a hoarse voice. If you live in busy urban areas, it is vital to wait until when pollution is lowest in the day; in the morning or in the cool sundown.

Recommended Sports

1. Swimming

This sport in known to tighten the stomach muscles while expanding the back. In addition, it will strengthen the rib cage, stretching the throat and also increase one’s breathing capacity. A 30-minute swimming exercise will help you keep your nerves calm and kick your endorphins into place.

2. Martial Arts

If you are to increase your stage awareness, you need to engage in martial arts. In addition, karate, tai chi, aikido or taekwondo will help you develop some power confidence, breath control, posture and alignment.

3. Solo and Team Sports

Basketball, running, jogging, cycling or skating will help you strengthen vital muscles such as the shoulder blades and rib cage.

In conclusion, it is vital to keep off from weight lifting as it decreases resonance. Cheerleading will force the cheer voice from your throat and as a result, you will have a poor singing tone hence shorten your career. Competitive marathon running is also not good as it will cause hoarseness, dehydration and also cause decreased muscle strength hence a low body weight.

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Is Softened Water Better for Singers?

Is Softened Water Better for SingersIs softened water better for singers? Some people will tell you that it is one of the best things that a singer can do for their voice while others will say that singers need to avoid softened water at all costs. The reality of the situation is that as a singer, you have to be the one to decide whether or not this is a good option for you. It is also important to remember that if you are using a water softener, it is probably because you have so many minerals in your water that it is causing a problem with practically everything in your household.

According to, a buildup of minerals can clog faucets and make home appliances stop working. If you look at the end of the faucet, you will probably see a huge buildup of minerals and you might even notice that the capacity for water flow has been cut in half, if not worse. In addition, you might have noticed that you have problems with machines such as coffee makers, your dishwasher or even your washing machine. If you stop and think about the fact that your hard water can leave mineral deposits that clog machines and stop them from working, take a few minutes to think about what drinking that same water could potentially do to your body, including your vocal cords.

On the flip side of the coin, some people are afraid that the chemicals used in water softeners could do just as much damage, if not more. It really depends on the particular type of water softener that you are using. The best thing you can do is drink water that filters out all of the impurities. If you use the right water softener, you shouldn’t have anything to worry about.

However, if you do happen to notice that it is more difficult for you to sing or you notice changes in your voice when using softened water, you should stop using it immediately.
Everyone’s body reacts differently to different things. If hard water is causing a problem for you, don’t hesitate to use softened water. If you find it that doesn’t solve the problem or even introduces more issues, you can stop drinking softened water and start drinking bottled water that has been purified.

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How to Practice Guitar and Get Better Results?

Stocksy_txp7433d6c2JJo000_Small_497669-600x300If you are practicing guitar as a chore, then it is not a good sign. You have to enjoy playing guitar genuinely. When you do not enjoy, it can result in sow progress.

Some people will practice guitar whenever they feel bored. They would not develop their skills and progress slowly. Another worst side is some people do not even practice at all. They quit guitar altogether. This attempt would lead to substantial decline in guitar skills. One of the best ways to make guitar practice session fun is to track the progress. It is a simple action. It benefits you in various ways.

You have to remain focused when you practice. When you want to track the progress, you have to create goals. It helps you to learn faster and easier. You would be comparing your level and know how you are progressing.

It is best to start competition against yourself. You can achieve best results this way. You need to track your progress in a consistent manner. You can see the results and difference every week. Think like you is playing a game without fixing a score. It would not be exciting since there is no score. Most guitarists make this mistake. They would not fix their goals but try to practice.

When you get feedback, you would feel motivated every week. The motivation would make you develop and progress to the next level. Once you have started to get tons of results through guitar practice, you would find the entire process engaging. If the practice remains fun, you can easily make excellent results. You can see great overall progress.

Moreover, your confidence level will be at peak to achieve as the best guitarist. Try to have a positive attitude to become a great player. It is the seed you are planting for your musical future.

Steps to Progress in Guitar Practice
See the musical goals you have fixed for yourself. You need to think about the skills you wish to achieve when setting the goals.

Search for best exercises to accomplish these skills. It should help you to understand improvisation, music theory, fretboard memorization, etc.

Prepare and update a chart to monitor your progress.