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Tips on How to Encourage Your Child’s Interest in Music

You can easily spot a child with interest in music. It is when you notice your preschooler rocking out to your music collection in almost perfect rhythm. You could notice also that his favorite toy is a replica of a musical instrument. When you notice your kid having this type of interest, you might have a kid with potential talent for music.

Some parents make the mistake of pressuring a child into music just because he shows some inclinations toward it. You have to play it cool even if you notice your child humming or singing all the time. It is still too early to make him learn music through formal drills such as mastering scales. Let him learn music through exploration, which for him is fun.

You can encourage your child’s interest in music through the following:

• Expose him to some non-kiddie tunes. Whenever you play music in your car or at home with your child around, do not just reach for children’s music or soundtracks of kiddie movies. Even small kids can appreciate the music genre for adults, such as folk, rock, techno, and others. Be choosy with the selection in order that there will be no need to explain the child things he will not understand. Exposing your child to different types of music will give him the ability to distinguish differences in rhythm, pitch, tone, and emotion. It will also help him develop concentration of music.

• Be patient with repetition. It is normal for a child to demand hearing a song over and over. Repetition will help him master the rhythm and to distinguish patterns. Let him listen to his now favorite song as long as you can stand it.

• Sing out loud. Sing out to your child whatever song comes to your mind. It could be a lullaby or your favorite Ariana Grande hit. Don’t worry if you will be out of tune. It is good that your kid will learn that singing need not be perfect.

• Pick up your guitar and pluck out a tune. Pick up your guitar or any musical instrument you can play and encourage your kid to sing along, or dance. He will start mimicking you by playing an imaginary guitar or musical instrument. Making music with your child will be a fun experience and he might start creating his own sounds.

You can further encourage your child’s interest in music by letting him read children’s books that show kids playing musical instruments or singing. This will expose him to the idea that music is a normal part of a child’s life. You can easily find the best books for a 2-year-old boy that show love for music.

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