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Best Poetry Writing Exercises

writing-prompts-for-kidsWhen you concentrate and write on a particular topic or subject, you can easily create a poem. Try to concentrate for at least five minutes and write whatever you feel or think. Do not worry about rhyming or scanning. Just write down random phrases and words and see what you have created at the end. There are chances to work with one or two lines at the end.

Think of a theme or subject. It can be about weather, dog, little brother or rat that irritated you. When you choose a subject, you can easily put in words and create a beautiful poem. No problem if the theme is already selected or written by others. You can choose your writing style to derive a poem. If you cannot think of experiences you have come across in life, you can buy a magazine or newspaper. You can get excellent and interesting real life stories. When you read a woman’s magazine, the agony column remains as a best source for inspiration.

Most poems are written after a changed state of consciousness. It is best to go for walk, do repetitive exercise or go for a long run. It makes your mind free and you can add new life to your words. If you do not prefer exercising, you can do household tasks like ironing. Many several poems are born while ironing the shirts.

Sound, sight, touch and taste helps to create sensual word pictures. It helps to give life to your poem. You can spend five to ten minutes describing about the place or object using your senses.

Make a list with three important elements. It includes concrete nouns, abstract nouns and adjectives. When you fill page with these elements in right balance, you can construct a metaphor. At the start, it may look like rubbish. As you keep writing again and again, you will find some natural essence in your poem.